What does the term “box spring bed” stand for?

Many customers are familiar with the term “box spring bed”, although the real meaning is unknown. The name derives from the two terms “box” and “spring”. The term translated means “spring in the box”. The box has a pocket spring core or a simple spring core. These serve as a replacement for the bed frame and slatted frame. Often there is a topper on the mattress as a third layer.

Which mattress should ideally be used with a box spring bed?

On the box, they should ideally be a pocket spring mattress. In very simple beds, it can also be spring core or even foam. The difference between pocket spring core and spring core is simple: with pocket springs, each spring is packed in a single pocket and can thus react autonomously. Here one speaks of selective discharge.

The spring core is a simple wire net. A continuous wire, which is provided with coils, forms the sleeping pad. Here there is no punctual adjustment, but only a complete movement of the whole mattress – the so-called area relief. Thus, an ergonomically good lying is not satisfactorily possible.

Whichever mattress style you choose, make sure it’s a high-quality mattress that will keep you up to 25,000 hours of sleep. Buy the mattress for back pain now.

Is the rumor true: “Solid mattresses are healthy”?

In the past you did not have much choice in mattresses: besides the spring mattress, there were no other types of mattresses. Since then, the rumor persists that solid mattresses are healthy. This is now clearly refuted by sleep studies.

Why do many people still believe that hard mattresses are healthy?

The reason for the widespread assumption that hard mattresses are healthier, but from today’s perspective, but understandable: If a spring mattress is too soft, it hangs through like a hammock. The spine immediately causes pain points and lying down leads to back pain.

This is not necessary with a firm mattress. Although it will in the medium term to joint damage of the shoulder and hip joints, the back pain is reduced. In the meantime, you can generally lie softly without the famous “hammock effect” occurring.

Sleep in the fetus, Sleep on your stomach and Best sleeping position for pregnant women

1. Sleep in fetus

Sleeping in a fetal posture with knees bent while holding a soft, fluffy pillow between your legs is a comfortable and good sleeping posture. The spine is not compressed, which relieves the back.


  • Snoring is limited.
  • Stimulation of the blood circulation in pregnant women.
  • Gives a sense of security and security.
  • It can cause acid reflux because the abdomen presses against the esophagus. This mainly occurs in people with relatively more belly fat.

2. Sleep on your stomach

Only 5% of all people sleep on their stomach – fortunately because sleeping on the stomach can be bad for the back and is therefore considered the worst sleeping posture. They are in an unfavorable curvature, and there is a bulge in the lower back.


  • Limits snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Can promote digestion.


Prefer to avoid sleeping on the stomach? Attach a ball or thick button to your nightwear. If you still turn on your stomach, this will feel uncomfortable and will change your sleeping posture.

A hard mattress, such as a hard pocket spring mattress or latex mattress, works best with someone who sleeps mainly on the stomach.

Choose a flat and soft pillow. Otherwise, there is a risk that the spine is overstretched in the neck and it comes to neck and shoulder pain.

For abdominal sleepers, we recommend a slatted frame with the reinforced center section. This reinforcement ensures that the hips do not sink in and cause back pain. Check out more on the blog thebest-mattress.

3. Best sleeping position for pregnant women

During pregnancy, you find that normal sleeping posture does not really work anymore. For pregnant women, it may be good to sleep on the side.


  • Sleeping on the side promotes blood circulation to the heart.
  • Low pressure on the lower back by sleeping on the side.


Sleeping on the left side may be the healthiest for the baby’s placenta.

Sleeping on the left provides the best circulation.

A cushion between the legs ensures that the pelvis stays straight.

Use a nursing pillow to support your stomach or back and provide a comfortable sleeping posture.

Rheumatism: what is it and how can you get in trouble?

If you have rheumatism, you know that “rheumatism” is a collective name for more than a hundred different chronic diseases of the muscles, joints, and tendons: from rheumatoid arthritis to hypermobility and myositis.

Your symptoms can be very different and depend on which type of rheumatism you suffer from. But in all forms of rheumatism, there is a high risk that you will have particularly severe discomfort caused by pain and stiffness in the joints and muscles. Inflammation, overload and/or wear are usually the causes of this. It is therefore important that your body gets enough rest. Then your muscles and joints have time to recover. On a good mattress, you can rest best.

Which is the best mattress for rheumatic diseases?

What is a tempurpedic mattressand can it help with rheumatism? That is hard to say. But for rheumatic diseases, it is particularly important that the mattress supports your body well. Therefore, it can certainly not hurt to analyze your complaints, preferred sleep, and wishes together with an occupational therapist. Find out which mattress suits you best. For example, a memory foam mattress can be good for you. This mattress adapts to your body and supports it exactly in the right places.

You can also try a cold foam mattress once. Or a combination of these two mattress types: a mattress made of cold foam with a top layer of memory foam. Because cold foam has the positive qualities that it always feels pleasantly cool, offers good support and gives a pleasant back pressure when you lie on it. But have you ever thought about a waterbed? A waterbed combines all the advantages of cold and memory foam with other extras.

Do you need help or advice?

We are happy to help you make the right decision. In a detailed consultation, we discuss the options with you and find out together which bed suits you best and your personal situation.

Come by for a try-out in our showroom, and you will receive personal advice from our experts. Contact us today or ask your question in the responses.

Well-being through perfect slatted frames:

Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning with back pain or even a stiff neck. “I was wrong!” So the first statement at the early hour. You may not have been wrong, but may have used only the wrong slatted frame.

The best mattress made of cold foam, visco, latex or spring core can be individually tailored to your needs – only if you use the perfect slatted frame in combination, the mattress can fully develop its effect. If you do not want to wake up completely tired in the morning, you can lay the foundation for a restful sleep with an individual sleeping combination of mattress and slatted frame.

Flexible slatted frames – yet sturdy

You will find a wide selection of slatted frames whether not adjustable slatted frame or individually adjustable slatted frames, which can be adjusted both on the foot part and on the headboard – here nothing to be desired. Of course, if the manual erection of the head section is too difficult, we can of course also rely on our electrically adjustable slatted frames. They have an electric motor which makes it easy and convenient to set up and straighten the corresponding slatted frame zone. Find outhow long do foam mattresses last now from our online store.

Slatted frames: The structure

A slatted frame consists of a sturdy frame, which can consist of both wood and plastic. Run across the frame – depending on the slats in various numbers the strips, which are usually made of beech plywood. These are usually attached to the frame with elastic plastic brackets. In heavily loaded zones, such as the pelvic area, two bars can be mounted one above the other. By the way, it is normal that the frame of a matching slatted frame is about a few centimeters smaller than the bed frame.

In addition to the classic slatted frames made of wood, we also offer those made of plastic, which consists of a variety of elastic modulus and can adapt to the body so ideally.

Similar to the 7-zone mattresses, there are also 7-zone slatted frames, which are also adapted to the needs of the individual body regions. The combination of the two zone products thus allows the greatest possible support of the individual body zones.

A few points to remember while buying mattresses

Sound sleep is inevitable if you need to keep good health physically and mentally. If you are not having quality sleep at night, your body and mind will never ever be rejuvenated for the schedule for the next day. Now, if you have to ensure quality sleep, it is inevitable to best in class mattress. You should opt for such mattresses that offers you the right comfort and offer the adequate support to the body so that you sleep in peace and comfort. Here comes your guide to pick the best mattress for you.

If you are heavier, you must opt for the firmer mattresses

The softer mattresses seem to be very enticing, as it comes soft while sleeping on it. Hence, you would feel tempted to opt for these mattresses as you will get  the optimum comfort. However, the softer mattresses are not suitable for the sleepers with bulky bodies and heavier weights. It is for the reason that when your body weight is towards the heavier sides, it will exert more pressure on the mattress, and hence, softer mattresses cannot withstand this excessive pressure. This is going to trigger pain points and make the sleeping experience mournful.

Ensure that you pick those mattresses that adjust it with your sleeping style

You need to opt for those mattresses that can adjust it with the style of sleeping. If you are side sleeper, the mattresses that perfectly supports those who sleeps straight, is not going to the be the right choice. Unless the mattress adjust with the sleeping style, it will exert more pressure on your shoulders, backs and neck, making life really uncomfortable. As a matter of buying guide, side sleepers should always opt for the mattresses that are soft to medium in firmness.

While looking for the best mattresses, refer to thebest-mattress, wherein you can expect to fin more tricks and tips for buying the best mattresses that perfectly suits in your case. There, you will also find the best quality products from the top manufacturers that will simplify your hassles in exploring the top products, coming within reasonable rates.

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Sleeping positions: Does it affect human health?

It is not easy to master the sleeping posture whether on the sides, back, or stomach. If you’re depending on a single position, then you might face the cons or health problems associated with it. It is good if you keep a little change in your sleeping position each week. However, it is an extremely difficult situation which couldn’t be maintained. For example, if you’re sleeping on your side and feel severe pain in any of your body parts, then you could try to shift in a little rotating position or add a little recline.

Your sleeping positions reveal a lot about you. With such postures, some dependent factors are associated which are heartburn condition, snoring time, or wrinkles. This may sound weird, but it’s true to hear. Have a look at the www.thebest-mattress.org.

Sleeping on the back side

What are the benefits of such a position? The posture is known as a ‘Savasana.’ It is a blessing is you snooze in such a pose. With every snooze, your neck and spine remain in good health. It happens because your back remains straight without forcing any pressure on the body parts. Within this pose, a mattress easily performs its functions without any disturbance. It also adds a great cure to the spine. For keeping the neck in a comfortable state, it would be great if you sleep without a pillow under your head.  

Sleeping on the sides during the night 

It is a good posture for pregnant women since it is a great way to improve blood circulation and avoid any heart problems. It is not possible for pregnant women to sleep on the stomach position for an obvious reason. The side sleeping posture is also not suitable since it leads to back pain problems

Sleeping on the stomach side

It is advantageous to cure snoring problems. It is also helpful in sleep apnea cases, but not in every severe case. Many times, it is regarded as a bad position which leads to flattening the spine or creating lower back pain.