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Surely you know your age affects the price of your car insurance; For example, if you are between 18 and 25 years you are in the age range in which the price to ensure your car is higher Why? Because for an insurance company it is more likely that a young client immaturity suffer accidents caused by speeding or alcohol abuse. The greater the risk, the higher will be the price of the policy. Your age is a variable that can not control, but there are other factors to save on your car insurance that do depend on you. We detected in 3 aspects that you can combine to pay less for your auto insurance in Southern California, no matter how many years you have.

# 1 Purchase a semi new car.

If you are thinking of renewing your car and you look in a luxury car or latest model; Think twice. The more recent the model of a car, the more expensive it will be secure, as repair, in case of accident, it becomes more expensive. Same with the brand: keep a luxury car will always be expensive and this price it charged for insurance in the policy. Try searching for a semi new car reliable places; perhaps the same brand that interests you, but older model 2 or 3 years.

# 2 Be a good driver.

The driver history or benefits also affects the price of insurance. If you have registered before the vehicle crashes or have suffered mishaps authorities for speeding or alcohol abuse, it is not likely to be reliable for the insurance and the cost of your insurance policy increases. If you drive properly and have no record of traffic violations, you will have benefits in the price of your policy.

No. 3 Pay insurance annually.

When hiring a car insurance agency there is the possibility of liquidating monthly or annually. If you pay the full year of your insurance, you can save up to 5%. Another good option is to seek a promotion to pay the policy in your bank to months without interest. The idea is to look for a discount for full payment of the policy and not spend more money in monthly payments.

As experts, we recommend locating a State Farm in Huntington Beach. The local agents will have your full attention and help you measure your risks. This exercise could mean savings of up to hundreds or thousands of dollars in case of an unexpected car accident or home loss.

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