Sleep in the fetus, Sleep on your stomach and Best sleeping position for pregnant women

1. Sleep in fetus

Sleeping in a fetal posture with knees bent while holding a soft, fluffy pillow between your legs is a comfortable and good sleeping posture. The spine is not compressed, which relieves the back.


  • Snoring is limited.
  • Stimulation of the blood circulation in pregnant women.
  • Gives a sense of security and security.
  • It can cause acid reflux because the abdomen presses against the esophagus. This mainly occurs in people with relatively more belly fat.

2. Sleep on your stomach

Only 5% of all people sleep on their stomach – fortunately because sleeping on the stomach can be bad for the back and is therefore considered the worst sleeping posture. They are in an unfavorable curvature, and there is a bulge in the lower back.


  • Limits snoring and sleep apnea.
  • Can promote digestion.


Prefer to avoid sleeping on the stomach? Attach a ball or thick button to your nightwear. If you still turn on your stomach, this will feel uncomfortable and will change your sleeping posture.

A hard mattress, such as a hard pocket spring mattress or latex mattress, works best with someone who sleeps mainly on the stomach.

Choose a flat and soft pillow. Otherwise, there is a risk that the spine is overstretched in the neck and it comes to neck and shoulder pain.

For abdominal sleepers, we recommend a slatted frame with the reinforced center section. This reinforcement ensures that the hips do not sink in and cause back pain. Check out more on the blog thebest-mattress.

3. Best sleeping position for pregnant women

During pregnancy, you find that normal sleeping posture does not really work anymore. For pregnant women, it may be good to sleep on the side.


  • Sleeping on the side promotes blood circulation to the heart.
  • Low pressure on the lower back by sleeping on the side.


Sleeping on the left side may be the healthiest for the baby’s placenta.

Sleeping on the left provides the best circulation.

A cushion between the legs ensures that the pelvis stays straight.

Use a nursing pillow to support your stomach or back and provide a comfortable sleeping posture.