Sleeping positions: Does it affect human health?

It is not easy to master the sleeping posture whether on the sides, back, or stomach. If you’re depending on a single position, then you might face the cons or health problems associated with it. It is good if you keep a little change in your sleeping position each week. However, it is an extremely difficult situation which couldn’t be maintained. For example, if you’re sleeping on your side and feel severe pain in any of your body parts, then you could try to shift in a little rotating position or add a little recline.

Your sleeping positions reveal a lot about you. With such postures, some dependent factors are associated which are heartburn condition, snoring time, or wrinkles. This may sound weird, but it’s true to hear. Have a look at the

Sleeping on the back side

What are the benefits of such a position? The posture is known as a ‘Savasana.’ It is a blessing is you snooze in such a pose. With every snooze, your neck and spine remain in good health. It happens because your back remains straight without forcing any pressure on the body parts. Within this pose, a mattress easily performs its functions without any disturbance. It also adds a great cure to the spine. For keeping the neck in a comfortable state, it would be great if you sleep without a pillow under your head.  

Sleeping on the sides during the night 

It is a good posture for pregnant women since it is a great way to improve blood circulation and avoid any heart problems. It is not possible for pregnant women to sleep on the stomach position for an obvious reason. The side sleeping posture is also not suitable since it leads to back pain problems

Sleeping on the stomach side

It is advantageous to cure snoring problems. It is also helpful in sleep apnea cases, but not in every severe case. Many times, it is regarded as a bad position which leads to flattening the spine or creating lower back pain.