Well-being through perfect slatted frames:

Nothing is worse than waking up in the morning with back pain or even a stiff neck. “I was wrong!” So the first statement at the early hour. You may not have been wrong, but may have used only the wrong slatted frame.

The best mattress made of cold foam, visco, latex or spring core can be individually tailored to your needs – only if you use the perfect slatted frame in combination, the mattress can fully develop its effect. If you do not want to wake up completely tired in the morning, you can lay the foundation for a restful sleep with an individual sleeping combination of mattress and slatted frame.

Flexible slatted frames – yet sturdy

You will find a wide selection of slatted frames whether not adjustable slatted frame or individually adjustable slatted frames, which can be adjusted both on the foot part and on the headboard – here nothing to be desired. Of course, if the manual erection of the head section is too difficult, we can of course also rely on our electrically adjustable slatted frames. They have an electric motor which makes it easy and convenient to set up and straighten the corresponding slatted frame zone. Find outhow long do foam mattresses last now from our online store.

Slatted frames: The structure

A slatted frame consists of a sturdy frame, which can consist of both wood and plastic. Run across the frame – depending on the slats in various numbers the strips, which are usually made of beech plywood. These are usually attached to the frame with elastic plastic brackets. In heavily loaded zones, such as the pelvic area, two bars can be mounted one above the other. By the way, it is normal that the frame of a matching slatted frame is about a few centimeters smaller than the bed frame.

In addition to the classic slatted frames made of wood, we also offer those made of plastic, which consists of a variety of elastic modulus and can adapt to the body so ideally.

Similar to the 7-zone mattresses, there are also 7-zone slatted frames, which are also adapted to the needs of the individual body regions. The combination of the two zone products thus allows the greatest possible support of the individual body zones.