What does the term “box spring bed” stand for?

Many customers are familiar with the term “box spring bed”, although the real meaning is unknown. The name derives from the two terms “box” and “spring”. The term translated means “spring in the box”. The box has a pocket spring core or a simple spring core. These serve as a replacement for the bed frame and slatted frame. Often there is a topper on the mattress as a third layer.

Which mattress should ideally be used with a box spring bed?

On the box, they should ideally be a pocket spring mattress. In very simple beds, it can also be spring core or even foam. The difference between pocket spring core and spring core is simple: with pocket springs, each spring is packed in a single pocket and can thus react autonomously. Here one speaks of selective discharge.

The spring core is a simple wire net. A continuous wire, which is provided with coils, forms the sleeping pad. Here there is no punctual adjustment, but only a complete movement of the whole mattress – the so-called area relief. Thus, an ergonomically good lying is not satisfactorily possible.

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Is the rumor true: “Solid mattresses are healthy”?

In the past you did not have much choice in mattresses: besides the spring mattress, there were no other types of mattresses. Since then, the rumor persists that solid mattresses are healthy. This is now clearly refuted by sleep studies.

Why do many people still believe that hard mattresses are healthy?

The reason for the widespread assumption that hard mattresses are healthier, but from today’s perspective, but understandable: If a spring mattress is too soft, it hangs through like a hammock. The spine immediately causes pain points and lying down leads to back pain.

This is not necessary with a firm mattress. Although it will in the medium term to joint damage of the shoulder and hip joints, the back pain is reduced. In the meantime, you can generally lie softly without the famous “hammock effect” occurring.